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(PHP 5, PHP 7, PHP 8, PECL OCI8 >= 1.1.0)

OCILob::readReads part of the large object


public OCILob::read(int $length): string|false

Reads length of bytes (BLOB) or characters (CLOB) from the current position of LOB's internal pointer.

Reading stops when length of bytes have been read for a BLOB, when length of characters have been read for a CLOB, or when the end of the large object is reached. Internal pointer of the large object will be shifted on the amount of bytes/characters read.



The length of data to read, in bytes (BLOB) or characters (CLOB). Large values will be rounded down to 1 MB.


Returns the contents as a string, 或者在失败时返回 false.


版本 说明
8.0.0, PECL OCI8 3.0.0 The OCI-Lob class was renamed to OCILob to align with PHP naming standards.
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