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The IteratorAggregate interface

(PHP 5, PHP 7)


Interface to create an external Iterator.

Interface synopsis

IteratorAggregate extends Traversable {
/* Methods */
abstract public getIterator ( void ) : Traversable

Example #1 Basic usage

class myData implements IteratorAggregate {
$property1 "Public property one";
$property2 "Public property two";
$property3 "Public property three";

    public function 
__construct() {
$this->property4 "last property";

    public function 
getIterator() {
        return new 

$obj = new myData;

$obj as $key => $value) {

The above example will output something similar to:

string(9) "property1"
string(19) "Public property one"

string(9) "property2"
string(19) "Public property two"

string(9) "property3"
string(21) "Public property three"

string(9) "property4"
string(13) "last property"

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