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The OAuth class

(PECL OAuth >= 0.99.1)


The OAuth extension provides a simple interface to interact with data providers using the OAuth HTTP specification to protect private resources.

Class synopsis

class OAuth {
/* Properties */
public $debug;
public $sslChecks;
public $debugInfo;
/* Methods */
public __construct(
    string $consumer_key,
    string $consumer_secret,
    string $signature_method = OAUTH_SIG_METHOD_HMACSHA1,
    int $auth_type = 0
public __destruct(): void
public disableDebug(): bool
public enableDebug(): bool
public fetch(
    string $protected_resource_url,
    array $extra_parameters = ?,
    string $http_method = ?,
    array $http_headers = ?
): mixed
public generateSignature(string $http_method, string $url, mixed $extra_parameters = ?): string|false
public getAccessToken(
    string $access_token_url,
    string $auth_session_handle = ?,
    string $verifier_token = ?,
    string $http_method = ?
): array
public getCAPath(): array
public getRequestHeader(string $http_method, string $url, mixed $extra_parameters = ?): string|false
public getRequestToken(string $request_token_url, string $callback_url = ?, string $http_method = ?): array
public setAuthType(int $auth_type): bool
public setCAPath(string $ca_path = ?, string $ca_info = ?): mixed
public setNonce(string $nonce): mixed
public setRequestEngine(int $reqengine): void
public setSSLChecks(int $sslcheck): bool
public setTimestamp(string $timestamp): mixed
public setToken(string $token, string $token_secret): bool
public setVersion(string $version): bool





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