The OAuthProvider class

(PECL OAuth >= 1.0.0)


Manages an OAuth provider class.

See also an external in-depth tutorial titled » Writing an OAuth Provider Service, which takes a hands-on approach to providing this service. There are also » OAuth provider examples within the OAuth extensions sources.

Class synopsis

class OAuthProvider {
/* Methods */
final public addRequiredParameter(string $req_params): bool
public checkOAuthRequest(string $uri = ?, string $method = ?): void
public __construct(array $params_array = ?)
public consumerHandler(callable $callback_function): void
final public static generateToken(int $size, bool $strong = false): string
public is2LeggedEndpoint(mixed $params_array): void
public isRequestTokenEndpoint(bool $will_issue_request_token): void
final public removeRequiredParameter(string $req_params): bool
final public static reportProblem(string $oauthexception, bool $send_headers = true): string
final public setParam(string $param_key, mixed $param_val = ?): bool
final public setRequestTokenPath(string $path): bool
public timestampNonceHandler(callable $callback_function): void
public tokenHandler(callable $callback_function): void

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