(PECL rnp >= 0.1.1)

rnp_ffi_set_pass_providerSet password provider callback function


rnp_ffi_set_pass_provider(RnpFFI $ffi, callable $password_callback): bool

Sets password provider function. This function can ask for the password on a standard input (if PHP script is executed in a command line environment), display GUI dialog or provide password in any other possible ways. Requested passwords are used to encrypt or decrypt secret keys or perform symmetric encryption/decryption operations.



The FFI object returned by rnp_ffi_create.


The function that is to be called for every password request. It has the following signature:

password_callback(string $key_fp, string $pgp_context, string &$password): bool
  • $key_fp - The key fingerprint, if any. Can be empty.
  • $pgp_context - String describing why the key is being requested.
  • $password - Password string reference where provided password should be stored to.
Callback function should return true if password was successfully set or false on failure.

Return Values

Returns true on success or false on failure.


Example #1 simple callback function example

function password_callback(string $key_fp, string $pgp_context, string &$password)
$password = "password";


$ffi = rnp_ffi_create('GPG', 'GPG');

rnp_ffi_set_pass_provider($ffi, 'password_callback');

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