(PECL rrd >= 0.9.0)

rrd_fetchFetch the data for graph as array


rrd_fetch(string $filename, array $options): array

Gets data for graph output from RRD database file as array. This function has same result as rrd_graph(), but fetched data are returned as array, no image file is created.



RRD database file name.


Array of options for resolution specification.

Return Values

Returns information about retrieved graph data.

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User Contributed Notes 2 notes

stephanecharette at gmail dot com
10 years ago
For example, this worked for me:

= rrd_fetch( "mydata.rrd", array( "AVERAGE", "--resolution", "60", "--start", "-1d", "--end", "start+1h" ) );

This will fetch all fields. You then have to use something like this to get to a specified rrd field:

foreach ( $result["data"]["myfield"] as $key => $value )
"At timestamp $key, the value for myfield is $value.\n";
ernestas at versme dot net
10 years ago
A few years ago, the extension was patched so that it would count options itself. But for me, it's buggy (it does not work with more than 3 arguments) and neither does work.
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