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Unix Domain: Unix and UDG

unix:// and udg://.

  • unix:///tmp/mysock
  • udg:///tmp/mysock

unix:// provides access to a socket stream connection in the Unix domain. udg:// provides an alternate transport to a Unix domain socket using the user datagram protocol.

Unix domain sockets, unlike Internet domain sockets, do not expect a port number. In the case of fsockopen() the portno parameter should be set to 0.

Note: Unix domain sockets are not supported on Windows.

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Matthew Fortune
17 years ago
It appears that fsockopen prior to php5 did not need the unix:// qualifier when opening a unix domain socket:

php4: fsockopen("/tmp/mysocket"......);

php5: fsockopen("unix:///tmp/mysocket"......);

This caught me out when upgrading.
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