(PHP 5, PHP 7, PHP 8)

DOMDocument::createEntityReferenceCreate new entity reference node


public DOMDocument::createEntityReference(string $name): DOMEntityReference|false

Esta función crea una nueva instancia de la clase DOMEntityReference. Este nodo no se mostrará en el documento a no ser que sea insertado con (p.e.j.) DOMNode::appendChild().



El contenido de la entidad referencia, p.ej. la entidad referencia menos los carácteres & inicial y el ; final.

Valores devueltos

El nuevo DOMEntityReference o false si ha ocurrido un error.



Lanzado si name contiene un carácter inválido.

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alicewonder at shastaherps dot org
8 years ago
It appears that this does not work with numbered entities, only named entities.

$nbspace = $dom->createEntityReference('nbsp');


$nbspace = $dom->createEntityReference('#160');

does not. This makes this function rather useless when generating an XSL unless you modify the XSL doctype to include the named entity for the character you want.
Tuhin Bepari
10 years ago
/*Entity is a group of words which print a special symbol.
Like if we want to show copy right symbol in html page then we use &copy; code and browser convert this to actual copyright symbol.
There have lots of entity, you can find them all form
if you want to use < or > or both <> into a node value than xml will give and warning or make this value as a node.
So tell the xml parser that < or > is not tag symbol it is a entity.To do that you have to right &lt(<) and &gt;(>) instead of < and > symbol.

Entity references always begin with an ampersand (&) and end with a semicolon (;).
DO not need to use & and ; symbol begin and end of entity.Remove it when you want to use it to DOMDocument::createEntityReference
Then append to to a tag where you want to show this symbol.Like below
$dom=new DOMDocument("1.0","UTF-8");
$example=$dom->createElement("example","This is copyright ");

output is
This is copyright ©
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