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(PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7, PHP 8)

fcloseCierra un puntero a un archivo abierto


fclose(resource $handle): bool

El archivo apuntado por handle es cerrado.



El puntero al archivo debe ser válido, y debe apuntar al archivo abierto con éxito por fopen() o fsockopen().

Valores devueltos

Devuelve true en caso de éxito o false en caso de error.


Ejemplo #1 Un ejemplo sencillo de fclose()


= fopen('archivo.txt', 'r');



Ver también

  • fopen() - Abre un fichero o un URL
  • fsockopen() - Abre una conexión vía sockets a Internet o a un dominio Unix

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User Contributed Notes 7 notes

jricher at jacquesricher dot com
19 years ago
It is a GOOD_THING to check the return value from fclose(), as some operating systems only flush file output on close, and can, therefore, return an error from fclose(). You can catch severe data-eating errors by doing this.

I learned this the hard way.
daniel7 dot martinez at ps dot ge dot com
22 years ago
Generally, it's always a good idea to close a file when you're done with it. It's very easy for something to go wrong and corrupt a file that hasn't been closed properly. If you're concerned about efficiency, the overhead is negligible.
Glenn S
1 year ago
Note that from PHP 8.0 onwards, attempting to close a stream that is already closed will throw a fatal TypeError.

Prior to PHP 8, this just caused a warning (that you can silence with @).
11 years ago
In case you have some trouble to properly disconnect some client streams opened with stream_socket_server / stream_select you should give a try to stream_socket_shutdown.

<?php stream_socket_shutdown($clientStream,STREAM_SHUT_RDWR); ?>
tom dot vom dot berg at online dot de
10 years ago
if you want to daysychain a filehandle through some functions and each function is allowed to close th file you might look in a following function first, if the handle is still valid.

Opening a file, there often will be used a code like

if (!$fh = fopen($filename, $mode)) return false;

But if you possably have closed the file and you want to check that, a smililar statement would not work.

DOES NOT WORK: if (!$fh) end_of_chain();

use beter: if (is_resource($fh)) end_of_chain();
mark at markvange * com
18 years ago
It is very important to make sure you clear any incoming packets out of the incoming buffer using fread() or some equivalent. Although you can call fclose() the socket does not actually shut down until the inbound packets have been cleared. This can lead to some confusion.
James R. Steel
18 years ago
In response to kumar mcmillan 'gotcha' note below, we get a different result on a W2K machine:

= fopen('textfile.dat', 'r');
'$file_pointer is resource = ' . (is_resource($file_pointer) ? 'true': 'false');

$file_pointer is resource = false
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