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(PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7, PHP 8)

imap_closeClose an IMAP stream


imap_close(IMAP\Connection $imap, int $flags = 0): true

Closes the imap stream.



An IMAP\Connection instance.


If set to CL_EXPUNGE, the function will silently expunge the mailbox before closing, removing all messages marked for deletion. You can achieve the same thing by using imap_expunge()

Valores devueltos

Siempre devuelve true.


Throws a ValueError if flags is invalid.

Historial de cambios

Versión Descripción
8.1.0 The imap parameter expects an IMAP\Connection instance now; previously, a valid imap recurso was expected.
8.0.0 A ValueError is now thrown on invalid flags parameter values. Previously, a warning was emitted and the function returned false.

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