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IntlChar::getIntPropertyValueGet the value for a Unicode property for a code point


public static IntlChar::getIntPropertyValue(mixed $codepoint, int $property): int

Gets the property value for an enumerated or integer Unicode property for a code point. Also returns binary and mask property values.

Liste de paramètres


La valeur codepoint de type entier (i.e. 0x2603 pour U+2603 SNOWMAN), ou le caractère encodé en UTF-8 de type chaîne de caractères (i.e. "\u{2603}")


La propriété Unicode à chercher (voir la constante IntlChar::PROPERTY_*).

Valeurs de retour

Returns the numeric value that is directly the property value or, for enumerated properties, corresponds to the numeric value of the enumerated constant of the respective property value enumeration type.

Returns 0 or 1 (for false/true) for binary Unicode properties.

Returns a bit-mask for mask properties.

Returns 0 if property is out of bounds or if the Unicode version does not have data for the property at all, or not for this code point.


Exemple #1 Test de différentes propriétés

(IntlChar::getIntPropertyValue("A"IntlChar::PROPERTY_ALPHABETIC) === 1);
var_dump(IntlChar::getIntPropertyValue("["IntlChar::PROPERTY_BIDI_MIRRORED) === 1);
var_dump(IntlChar::getIntPropertyValue("Φ"IntlChar::PROPERTY_BLOCK) === IntlChar::BLOCK_CODE_GREEK);

L'exemple ci-dessus va afficher :


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