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(PHP 7, PHP 8)

IntlChar::getPropertyNameGet the Unicode name for a property


public static IntlChar::getPropertyName(int $property, int $type = IntlChar::LONG_PROPERTY_NAME): string|false

Returns the Unicode name for a given property, as given in the Unicode database file PropertyAliases.txt.

In addition, this function maps the property IntlChar::PROPERTY_GENERAL_CATEGORY_MASK to the synthetic names "gcm" / "General_Category_Mask". These names are not in PropertyAliases.txt.

This function complements IntlChar::getPropertyEnum().

Liste de paramètres


La propriété Unicode à chercher (voir la constante IntlChar::PROPERTY_*).

IntlChar::PROPERTY_INVALID_CODE should not be used. Also, if property is out of range, false is returned.


Selector for which name to get. If out of range, false is returned.

All properties have a long name. Most have a short name, but some do not. Unicode allows for additional names; if present these will be returned by adding 1, 2, etc. to IntlChar::LONG_PROPERTY_NAME.

Valeurs de retour

Returns the name, or false if either the property or the type is out of range.

If a given type returns false, then all larger values of type will return false, with one exception: if false is returned for IntlChar::SHORT_PROPERTY_NAME, then IntlChar::LONG_PROPERTY_NAME (and higher) may still return a non-false value.


Exemple #1 Test de différentes propriétés

var_dump(IntlChar::getPropertyName(IntlChar::PROPERTY_BIDI_CLASS, IntlChar::SHORT_PROPERTY_NAME));
var_dump(IntlChar::getPropertyName(IntlChar::PROPERTY_BIDI_CLASS, IntlChar::LONG_PROPERTY_NAME));
var_dump(IntlChar::getPropertyName(IntlChar::PROPERTY_BIDI_CLASS, IntlChar::LONG_PROPERTY_NAME + 1));

L'exemple ci-dessus va afficher :

string(10) "Bidi_Class"
string(2) "bc"
string(10) "Bidi_Class"

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