(PHP 7, PHP 8)

IntlChar::charNameRetrieve the name of a Unicode character


public static IntlChar::charName(int|string $codepoint, int $type = IntlChar::UNICODE_CHAR_NAME): ?string

Retrieves the name of a Unicode character.

Depending on type, the resulting character name is the "modern" name or the name that was defined in Unicode version 1.0. The name contains only "invariant" characters like A-Z, 0-9, space, and '-'. Unicode 1.0 names are only retrieved if they are different from the modern names and if ICU contains the data for them.

Liste de paramètres


La valeur codepoint de type entier (i.e. 0x2603 pour U+2603 SNOWMAN), ou le caractère encodé en UTF-8 de type chaîne de caractères (i.e. "\u{2603}")


Which set of names to use for the lookup. Can be any of these constants:

Valeurs de retour

The corresponding name, or an empty string if there is no name for this character, or null if there is no such code point.


Exemple #1 Test de différents codepoint

var_dump(IntlChar::charName(".", IntlChar::UNICODE_CHAR_NAME));

L'exemple ci-dessus va afficher :

string(9) "FULL STOP"
string(9) "FULL STOP"
string(7) "SNOWMAN"
string(0) ""

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