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The Parle\Lexer class

(PECL parle >= 0.5.1)


Single state lexer class. Lexemes can be defined on the fly. If the particular lexer instance is meant to be used with Parle\Parser, the token IDs need to be taken from there. Otherwise, arbitrary token IDs can be supplied. This lexer can give a certain performance advantage over Parle\RLexer, if no multiple states are required. Note, that Parle\RParser is not compatible with this lexer.

Resumo da classe

class Parle\Lexer {
/* Constantes */
const int ICASE = 1;
const int DOT_NOT_LF = 2;
const int DOT_NOT_CRLF = 4;
const int SKIP_WS = 8;
const int MATCH_ZERO_LEN = 16;
/* Propriedades */
public bool $bol = false;
public int $flags = 0;
public int $state = 0;
public int $marker = 0;
public int $cursor = 0;
/* Métodos */
public advance(): void
public build(): void
public callout(int $id, callable $callback): void
public consume(string $data): void
public dump(): void
public insertMacro(string $name, string $regex): void
public push(string $regex, int $id): void
public reset(int $pos): void



Start of input flag.


Lexer flags.


Current lexer state, readonly.


Position of the latest token match, readonly.


Current input offset, readonly.


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