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The SolrDocument class

(PECL solr >= 0.9.2)


Represents a Solr document retrieved from a query response.

Resumo da classe

final class SolrDocument implements ArrayAccess, Iterator, Serializable {
/* Constantes */
const int SORT_DEFAULT = 1;
const int SORT_ASC = 1;
const int SORT_DESC = 2;
const int SORT_FIELD_NAME = 1;
/* Métodos */
public __construct()
public addField(string $fieldName, string $fieldValue): bool
public clear(): bool
public __clone(): void
public deleteField(string $fieldName): bool
public fieldExists(string $fieldName): bool
public __get(string $fieldName): SolrDocumentField
public getField(string $fieldName): SolrDocumentField
public getFieldCount(): int
public __isset(string $fieldName): bool
public key(): string
public merge(SolrDocument $sourceDoc, bool $overwrite = true): bool
public next(): void
public offsetExists(string $fieldName): bool
public offsetGet(string $fieldName): SolrDocumentField
public offsetSet(string $fieldName, string $fieldValue): void
public offsetUnset(string $fieldName): void
public reset(): bool
public rewind(): void
public serialize(): string
public __set(string $fieldName, string $fieldValue): bool
public sort(int $sortOrderBy, int $sortDirection = SolrDocument::SORT_ASC): bool
public toArray(): array
public unserialize(string $serialized): void
public __unset(string $fieldName): bool
public valid(): bool
public __destruct()

Constantes pré-definidas


Default mode for sorting fields within the document.


Sorts the fields in ascending order


Sorts the fields in descending order


Sorts the fields by field name.


Sorts the fields by number of values in each field.


Sorts the fields by thier boost values.


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