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(PECL win32service >=0.1.0)

win32_start_service_ctrl_dispatcherRegisters the script with the SCM, so that it can act as the service with the given name


win32_start_service_ctrl_dispatcher ( string $name [, bool $gracefulMode = true ] ) : mixed

When launched via the Service Control Manager, a service process is required to "check-in" with it to establish service monitoring and communication facilities. This function performs the check-in by spawning a thread to handle the lower-level communication with the service control manager.

Once started, the service process should do 2 things. The first is to tell the Service Control Manager that the service is running. This is achieved by calling win32_set_service_status() with the WIN32_SERVICE_RUNNING constant. If you need to perform some lengthy process before the service is actually running, then you can use the WIN32_SERVICE_START_PENDING constant. The second is to continue to check-in with the service control manager so that it can determine if it should terminate. This is achieved by periodically calling win32_get_last_control_message() and handling the return code appropriately.


Since version 0.2.0, this function work only in "cli" SAPI. On other SAPI this function is disabled.



The short-name of the service, as registered by win32_create_service().


TRUE for exit graceful. FALSE for exit with error. See win32_set_service_exit_mode() for more details.

Valor Retornado

Retorna TRUE no sucesso , FALSE se ocorrer um problema com os parâmetros ou um Win32 Error Code em caso de falhas.


If SAPI is not "cli", this function emits an E_ERROR level error.


Exemplo #1 A win32_start_service_ctrl_dispatcher() example

Check if the service is runnig under the SCM.

if (!win32_start_service_ctrl_dispatcher('dummyphp')) {
"I'm probably not running under the service control manager");


// Some lengthy process to get this service up and running.


while (
WIN32_SERVICE_CONTROL_STOP != win32_get_last_control_message()) {
# do some work here, trying not to take more than around 30 seconds
  # before coming back into the loop again


Versão Descrição
0.4.0 The parameter gracefulMode has been added.
0.2.0 This function works only in the "cli" SAPI.

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User Contributed Notes 3 notes

10 years ago
Insert value of params between " if the string have a space:

// First you need to create a service, you only need to do this once
    'service' => 'myphpservice',
    'display' => 'My PHP Service',
    'params' => '"c:\\my folder\myphpservice.php"',
    'path' => 'c:\\PHP\\php.exe'));
dylan at nopower dot org
12 years ago
// First you need to create a service, you only need to do this once
    'service' => 'myphpservice',
    'display' => 'My PHP Service',
    'params' => 'c:\\myphpservice.php',
    'path' => 'c:\\PHP\\php.exe'));

$myservicename = 'myphpservice';

// Connect to service dispatcher and notify that startup was successful
if (!win32_start_service_ctrl_dispatcher($myservicename)) die('Could not connect to service :'.$myservicename);

// Main Server Loop
while (1) {
    switch (
win32_get_last_control_message()) {
WIN32_SERVICE_CONTROL_CONTINUE: break; // Continue server routine
case WIN32_SERVICE_CONTROL_INTERROGATE: win32_set_service_status(WIN32_NO_ERROR); break; // Respond with status
case WIN32_SERVICE_CONTROL_STOP: win32_set_service_status(WIN32_SERVICE_STOPPED); exit; // Terminate script
default: win32_set_service_status(WIN32_ERROR_CALL_NOT_IMPLEMENTED); // Add more cases to handle other service calls
// Main script goes here
sleep(10); // Run every 10 seconds
13 years ago
Don't try to call "win32_start_service_ctrl_dispatcher" too late in your code. You'd trigger a #2186 error : "The service is not responding to the control function." (from commande line) or a #1053 error : "The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion." (from services GUI).

Try not to load a bunch of PEAR classes before to register php script as Service like I did.

Another good hint, to get a verbose version of the return code, you can call "NET HELPMSG ###" from command line where ### is your error code.
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