(PECL luasandbox >= 1.0.0)

LuaSandbox::callFunctionCall a function in a Lua global variable


public LuaSandbox::callFunction(string $name, mixed ...$args): array|bool

Calls a function in a Lua global variable.

If the name contains "." characters, the function is located via recursive table accesses, as if the name were a Lua expression.

If the variable does not exist, or is not a function, false will be returned and a warning issued.

For more information about calling Lua functions and the return values, see LuaSandboxFunction::call().



Lua variable name.


Arguments to the function.

Valor Retornado

Returns an array of values returned by the Lua function, which may be empty, or false in case of failure.


Exemplo #1 Calling a Lua function


// create a new LuaSandbox
$sandbox = new LuaSandbox();

// Call Lua's string.match
$captures $sandbox->callFunction'string.match'$string$pattern );


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