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imap_mail_copyСкопировать сообщения в указанный почтовый ящик


imap_mail_copy ( resource $imap_stream , string $msglist , string $mailbox [, int $options = 0 ] ) : bool

Копирует заданные в msglist письма в указанный почтовый ящик.

Список параметров


Поток IMAP, полученный из imap_open().


msglist - это диапазон, а не просто номера сообщений (как определено в » RFC2060).


Имя почтового ящика. Более подробно читайте в разделе, посвященном функции imap_open()


Если imap.enable_insecure_rsh не отключен, то передача в этот параметр не проверенных данных не безопасна.


options - битовая маска одной или нескольких констант:

  • CP_UID - означает, что в первом параметре не номера сообщений, а их UID
  • CP_MOVE - удалить оригинальные сообщения после копирования

Возвращаемые значения

Возвращает TRUE в случае успешного завершения или FALSE в случае возникновения ошибки.

Смотрите также

  • imap_mail_move() - Переместить указанные сообщения в указанный почтовый ящик

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User Contributed Notes 5 notes

marcus at names dot co dot uk
18 years ago
If you are having problems getting imap_mail_copy and imap_mail_move to work, check you have installed imap_devel (the imap development libraries) as well as imap (the imap daemon). Without it, PHP appears to configure correctly --with-imap, but some functions do not work.

It took me about 12 hours to figure this out!!
jigar dot dhaduk79 at gmail dot com
4 years ago
When we want to copy more than one mail, we can write '(string)' before msg_num. Like..

$msg_num = "1,2,3,4,5,6,7";
$copy = imap_mail_copy($imap_stream, (string) $msg_num, '[Gmail]/Important', CP_UID);
7 years ago
If you use this function and you get the following notice:

Notice: Unknown: IMAP protocol error: Could not parse command (errflg=2) in Unknown on line 0

Notice: Unknown: Could not parse command (errflg=2) in Unknown on line 0

you should check the function parameters. This notice appears (according to what I found on the internet and my problems) when it gets an invalid $msglist. So be sure to give the right number (as a String!):
"$msg_num", $msg_num or (string) $msg_num.

Dont use '$msg_num' when calling the function, this will literally send the string $msg_num.
You can give a string like "1,3,5,7,8", which will work perfectly fine to move the given mails.

I had all my mailnumbers in an array ( $messageSet) and used

= implode ( "," , $messageSet );

imap_mail_copy( $imapStream, $messageSetImpl, $mailBox )

What I hadn't had thougt of was that my $messageSet was sometimes empty, that was when I got the notice. So you might want to check that by putting first:

if ( !( empty( $messageSet ) ) ) {

$messageSetImpl = implode ( "," , $messageSet );

imap_mail_copy( $imapStream, $messageSetImpl, $mailBox )


That should work.
hxlvt at hotmail dot com
19 years ago
After much fooling around, imap_mail_copy did work for me. One thing you might want to check, if you are having problems, is the new mailbox name. Make sure it is just a folder name, e.g. INBOX.haha without the server part.
richard dot oplustil at gmail dot com
8 years ago
imap_ mail_ move and imap_mail_copy don't work with sequence numbers on MS Exchange. imap_ uid in combination with CP_UID works fine.
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