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imap_uidПолучает UID по номеру сообщения


imap_uid(IMAP\Connection $imap, int $message_num): int|false

Эта функция возвращает UID для сообщения с заданным номером. UID — это уникальный идентификатор, который не меняется по прошествии времени, тогда как номер сообщение в ящике может меняться при изменении содержания почтового ящика.

Эта функция обратная функции imap_msgno().

Список параметров


Экземпляр класса IMAP\Connection.


Номер сообщения.

Возвращаемые значения

UID заданного письма.

Список изменений

Версия Описание
8.1.0 Параметр imap теперь ожидает экземпляр класса IMAP\Connection; раньше параметр ждал ресурс (resource) imap.



Эта функция не поддерживается для почтовых ящиков POP3.

Смотрите также

  • imap_msgno() - Получает номер сообщения с заданным UID

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User Contributed Notes 7 notes

Denis Rendler
8 years ago
I would like to point out that, at least in the case of Gmail, the UIDs of emails are changed if they are moved from one folder to another. Even if moved back to the same folder the UIDs get incremented and thus changed.
I found this the hard way after relaying on the notion that UIDs do not change as I found almost everywhere in the docs.
13 years ago
Be aware that the uid is unique in a single mailbox. That means a message can have as much uids as mailboxes
steve_foley at excite dot com
21 years ago
Please note that message_id in the header is NOT the UID - and its dangerous to use as many mail progs don't put a message id in
Andreas Seeger
15 years ago
The uid will change in case of unsing imap_expunge. Be shure that
all work ist done before using imap_expunge.
cmanley at example dot com
6 years ago
If you want emulated POP3 UIDL support, then you can either use my imap function wrapper class, or just copy/modify it's header to UIDL hashing method:
anon et mouse
15 years ago
clarification for Andreas' note about imap_expunge()...

imap_expunge() does indeed change the UID, but only *after* the IMAP stream has closed and then reconnects.

You can use imap_expunge() as many times as you want within one IMAP stream (no reconnects) and the UID stays the same while the Msgno will change with imap_delete() followed by imap_expunge().
roger at sdr dot com dot au
16 years ago
A little quirk of UIDs in a PUBLIC folder in MDaemon (and perhaps other servers?). The UIDs may be unsynchronised between users if the server's option to store flags on a per-user basis is turned on. That is, a message may have a UID of 5 for one user (meaning it was the 5th message to enter the box) but 3 for another user (who perhaps subscribed to the box later). If this is a problem, turn off the per-user option for the mailbox.
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