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(PHP 4 >= 4.0.2, PHP 5, PHP 7)

ezmlm_hashEZMLM için gereken ileti özetini hesaplar


Bu işlevin kullanımı PHP 7.4.0 itibariyle ÖNERİLMEMEKTE olup PHP 8.0.0'da tamamen KALDIRILMIŞTIR. Bu işleve kesinlikle güvenilmemelidir.


ezmlm_hash(string $adres): int

ezmlm_hash() işlevi EZMLM eposta listelerini bir MySQL veritabanınıda tutarken gereken ileti özetini hesaplar.

Bağımsız Değişkenler


Özeti hesaplanacak eposta adresi.

Dönen Değerler

adres ile belirtilen eposta adresinin özetini bir dizge olarak döndürür.


Örnek 1 - Adres özetinin hesaplanıp bir kullanıcının üye yapılması


= "";
$özet = ezmlm_hash($adres);
$sorgu = sprintf("INSERT INTO sample VALUES (%s, '%s')", $özet, $adres);
$db->query($sorgu); // PHPLIB db arayüzü kullanılarak


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User Contributed Notes 3 notes

Tim in SF
20 years ago
EZ Mailing List Manager (EZMLM) is a mailing list manager which allows users to create their own mailing lists with a single command.

It seems to require qmail.

thedragon at mediocreshit dot com
16 years ago
ezmlm will add a user to the list from a mail() call if you use the -f extra flag in the function.


The extra flag being a -t followed by no space and the email address you want the email to appear as though it's being sent from. I spent hours messing with this to try to allow users to sign up for my mailing list by marking a check box while signing up on my site, ezmlm ignored everything until I threw that extra parameter in there.

Hope this helps.
jens at NOSPAM dot rootsy dot nu
18 years ago
This is really ezmlm documentation, but I certanly would have been happy if I found it anywhere during my time of trial. I am not a Linux expert, as you probably will notice, so things I do/did that might sound incredibly stupid to those who do know. I blame hard-to-find documentation :)

I wanted a page where a visitor could add their address to my mailinglist. That shouldn't be too hard, or atleastso I thought...

First I tried mailing the mailinglist. For some reason, the mailinglist didn't see my "From:" -header and it failed miserably.

Then I tried to use system() to call ezmlm-sub, which only produced the error-code 111. That was an access problem. So, I tried making the mailinglist availible to the website, but the change in permissions caused the mailserver to malfunction (as opposed to mailfunction....). It took a while to sort that mess out.

I couldn't find any guide as howto add mysql-support. The big problem was how to know which tables was needed. Apperantly, this is all that is needed:

ezmlm-mktab listname | mysql -u root -p databasename

Then its just adding the mailinglist with mysql-support i qmailadmin. It doesn't seem to allow socket connection to the database, so iptables has to allow local connections to the mysql port.

Hope this helps someone.
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