(PECL mailparse >= 0.9.0)

mailparse_msg_parse_fileParses a file


mailparse_msg_parse_file(string $filename): resource

Parses a file. This is the optimal way of parsing a mail file that you have on disk.

Bağımsız Değişkenler


Path to the file holding the message. The file is opened and streamed through the parser.


The message contained in filename is supposed to end with a newline (CRLF); otherwise the last line of the message will not be parsed.

Dönen Değerler

Returns a MIME resource representing the structure, or false on error.



It is recommended to call mailparse_msg_free() on the result of this function, when it is no longer needed, to avoid memory leaks.

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schmidt at cube hyphen concept dot com
3 years ago
I just encountered an internal server error by simply calling
$eml = mailparse_msg_parse_file("$path/eml/$email_id.eml");

The error disappeared after adding
to the end of the script.

Without mailparse_msg_free i keep getting an internal server error.
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