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The IntlCodePointBreakIterator class

(PHP 5 >= 5.5.0, PHP 7, PHP 8)


This break iterator identifies the boundaries between UTF-8 code points.


class IntlCodePointBreakIterator extends IntlBreakIterator implements Traversable {
/* 继承的常量 */
const int IntlBreakIterator::DONE = -1;
/* 方法 */
public getLastCodePoint(): int
/* 继承的方法 */
public static IntlBreakIterator::createLineInstance(string $locale = ?): IntlBreakIterator
public static IntlBreakIterator::createWordInstance(string $locale = ?): IntlBreakIterator
public IntlBreakIterator::following(int $offset): int
intl_get_error_code(): int
intl_get_error_message(): string
public IntlBreakIterator::getLocale(string $locale_type): string
public IntlBreakIterator::getPartsIterator(int $key_type = IntlPartsIterator::KEY_SEQUENTIAL): IntlPartsIterator
public IntlBreakIterator::isBoundary(int $offset): bool
public IntlBreakIterator::next(int $offset = ?): int
public IntlBreakIterator::preceding(int $offset): int
public IntlBreakIterator::setText(string $text): bool


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