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ldap_free_resultFree result memory


ldap_free_result(LDAP\Result $result): bool

Frees up the memory allocated internally to store the result. All result memory will be automatically freed when the script terminates.

Typically all the memory allocated for the LDAP result gets freed at the end of the script. In case the script is making successive searches which return large result sets, ldap_free_result() could be called to keep the runtime memory usage by the script low.



通过 ldap_list() 或者 ldap_search() 返回的 LDAP\Result 实例。


成功时返回 true, 或者在失败时返回 false


版本 说明
8.1.0 The result parameter expects an LDAP\Result instance now; previously, a valid ldap result resource was expected.
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