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readgzfileOutput a gz-file


readgzfile(string $filename, int $use_include_path = 0): int|false

Reads a file, decompresses it and writes it to standard output.

readgzfile() can be used to read a file which is not in gzip format; in this case readgzfile() will directly read from the file without decompression.



The file name. This file will be opened from the filesystem and its contents written to standard output.


You can set this optional parameter to 1, if you want to search for the file in the include_path too.


Returns the number of (uncompressed) bytes read from the file on success, 或者在失败时返回 false


失败时抛出 E_WARNING 警告。


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glennh at webadept dot net
20 years ago
This is a rather simple example of usage for this function, but it does work, and it solved a problem I was using with old browsers accessing gzipped files.


// first we need to stop the server from sending any headers at all.

readgzfile("test.html.gz"); // read the file and output directly to
the browser
// non compressed data from the

(); // let the headers go//


There is no need for any html formating if the source file is an HTML formated page, such as the ones I'm using are. Checking the browser version, sends either the gzip file directly, or sends the browser to a page like this, which does the work for it. Well done simple function.

My server is running PHP 4.2.2 on Linux Redhat version 9 and
Apache 2.0.40
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