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(mongodb >=1.0.0)

MongoDB\Driver\Manager::selectServerSelect a server matching a read preference


final public MongoDB\Driver\Manager::selectServer(MongoDB\Driver\ReadPreference $readPreference): MongoDB\Driver\Server

Selects a MongoDB\Driver\Server matching readPreference. This may be used to preselect a server in order to perform version checking before executing an operation.

Hinweis: Unlike MongoDB\Driver\Manager::getServers(), this method will initialize database connections and perform server discovery if necessary. See the » Server Selection Specification for additional information.


readPreference (MongoDB\Driver\ReadPreference)

The read preference to use for selecting a server.


Returns a MongoDB\Driver\Server matching the read preference.


  • Throws MongoDB\Driver\AuthenticationException if authentication is needed and fails
  • Throws MongoDB\Driver\ConnectionException if connection to the server fails for other then authentication reasons
  • Throws MongoDB\Driver\Exception\RuntimeException if a server matching the read preference could not be found.

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