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mysqli_result::fetch_row -- mysqli_fetch_rowFetch the next row of a result set as an enumerated array


Objektorientierter Stil

public mysqli_result::fetch_row(): array|null|false

Prozeduraler Stil

mysqli_fetch_row(mysqli_result $result): array|null|false

Fetches one row of data from the result set and returns it as an enumerated array, where each column is stored in an array offset starting from 0 (zero). Each subsequent call to this function will return the next row within the result set, or null if there are no more rows.

Hinweis: Diese Funktion setzt NULL-Felder auf den PHP Wert-null.



Nur bei prozeduralem Aufruf: Ein von mysqli_query(), mysqli_store_result(), mysqli_use_result() oder mysqli_stmt_get_result() zurückgegebenes mysqli_result-Objekt.


Returns an enumerated array representing the fetched row, null if there are no more rows in the result set, Bei einem Fehler wird false zurückgegeben..


Beispiel #1 mysqli_result::fetch_row() example

Objektorientierter Stil


$mysqli = new mysqli("localhost""my_user""my_password""world");

$query "SELECT Name, CountryCode FROM City ORDER BY ID DESC";

$result $mysqli->query($query);

/* fetch object array */
while ($row $result->fetch_row()) {
printf("%s (%s)\n"$row[0], $row[1]);

Prozeduraler Stil


$mysqli mysqli_connect("localhost""my_user""my_password""world");

$query "SELECT Name, CountryCode FROM City ORDER BY ID DESC";

$result mysqli_query($mysqli$query);

/* fetch associative array */
while ($row mysqli_fetch_row($result)) {
printf("%s (%s)\n"$row[0], $row[1]);

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User Contributed Notes 4 notes

15 years ago
It's worth noting that the MySQLi functions (and, I presume, the MySQL functions) fetch a string regardless of the MySQL data type. E.g. if you fetch a row with an integer column, the corresponding value for that column and row will still be stored as a string in the array returned by mysql_fetch_row.
sainthyoga2003 at gmail dot com
8 years ago
Note that mysqli_fetch() is deprecated but still is in PHP function list. mysqli_fetch_row() is nowadays mysql procedural style used, but is not listed in PHP functions.
evangun2001 at yahoo dot fr
15 years ago
Remember that fetch() and fetch_row() are two different things, and differ in the way to use them.

- fetch() is used on a statement (like an executed prepared statement) and needs to be used in association with bind_result().

- fetch_row() is used on a result (like the result of query()).

As a consequence, if you want to use to use fetch_row() with an executed prepared statement, first you'll have to get the result out of this statement with mysqli_store_result() or mysqli_use_result().
maillist at
18 years ago

4. Be careful when porting from ext/mysql to ext/mysqli. The following
   functions return NULL when no more data is available in the result set
   (ext/mysql's functions return FALSE).

    - mysqli_fetch_row()
    - mysqli_fetch_array()
    - mysqli_fetch_assoc()
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