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SimpleXMLElement::validCheck whether the current element is valid


public SimpleXMLElement::valid(): bool

Prior to PHP 8.0, SimpleXMLElement::valid() was only declared on the subclass SimpleXMLIterator.

This method checks if the current element is valid after calls to SimpleXMLElement::rewind() or SimpleXMLElement::next().


This function has no parameters.

Return Values

Returns true if the current element is valid, otherwise false


Example #1 Check whether the current element is valid

= new SimpleXMLElement('<books><book>SQL Basics</book></books>');

$xmlElement->rewind(); // rewind to the first element
echo var_dump($xmlElement->valid()); // bool(true)

$xmlElement->next(); // advance to the next element
echo var_dump($xmlElement->valid()); // bool(false) because there is only one element

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