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(mongodb >=1.4.0)

MongoDB\Driver\Manager::executeReadCommandExecute a database command that reads


final public MongoDB\Driver\Manager::executeReadCommand(string $db, MongoDB\Driver\Command $command, ?array $options = null): MongoDB\Driver\Cursor

Selects a server according to the "readPreference" option and executes the command on that server.

This method will apply logic that is specific to commands that read (e.g. » distinct). Default values for the "readPreference" and "readConcern" options will be inferred from an active transaction (indicated by the "session" option), followed by the connection URI.


db (string)

The name of the database on which to execute the command.

command (MongoDB\Driver\Command)

The command to execute.


Option Type Description
readConcern MongoDB\Driver\ReadConcern

A read concern to apply to the operation.

This option is available in MongoDB 3.2+ and will result in an exception at execution time if specified for an older server version.

readPreference MongoDB\Driver\ReadPreference

A read preference to use for selecting a server for the operation.

session MongoDB\Driver\Session

A session to associate with the operation.


If you are using a "session" which has a transaction in progress, you cannot specify a "readConcern" or "writeConcern" option. This will result in an MongoDB\Driver\Exception\InvalidArgumentException being thrown. Instead, you should set these two options when you create the transaction with MongoDB\Driver\Session::startTransaction().


Returns MongoDB\Driver\Cursor on success.

エラー / 例外


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