The MongoDB\BSON\PackedArray class

(mongodb >=1.16.0)


Represents a BSON array. This class is used when reading data as raw BSON and cannot be modified.


final class MongoDB\BSON\PackedArray implements MongoDB\BSON\Type, IteratorAggregate, Serializable {
/* 方法 */
final private __construct()
final static public fromPHP(array $value): MongoDB\BSON\PackedArray
final public get(int $key): mixed
final public has(int $index): bool
final public serialize(): string
final public toPHP(?array $typeMap = null): array|object
final public __toString(): string
final public unserialize(string $data): void


版本 说明
PECL mongodb 1.17.0 Implements MongoDB\BSON\Type.
PECL mongodb 1.17.0 MongoDB\BSON\PackedArray cannot be serialized in contexts where a BSON document is expected. In earlier versions, the BSON array would have been converted to a document.


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