Draw Pen

(UI 0.9.9)


The Pen is passed to the Area Draw event handler, it is used for clipping, filling, stroking, and writing to Draw Paths.


final class UI\Draw\Pen {
/* Methoden */
public clip(UI\Draw\Path $path)
public fill(UI\Draw\Path $path, UI\Draw\Brush $with)
public fill(UI\Draw\Path $path, UI\Draw\Color $with)
public fill(UI\Draw\Path $path, int $with)
public restore()
public save()
public stroke(UI\Draw\Path $path, UI\Draw\Brush $with, UI\Draw\Stroke $stroke)
public stroke(UI\Draw\Path $path, UI\Draw\Color $with, UI\Draw\Stroke $stroke)
public stroke(UI\Draw\Path $path, int $with, UI\Draw\Stroke $stroke)
public transform(UI\Draw\Matrix $matrix)
public write(UI\Point $point, UI\Draw\Text\Layout $layout)


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