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Vordefinierte Konstanten

Folgende Konstanten werden von dieser Erweiterung definiert und stehen nur zur Verf├╝gung, wenn die Erweiterung entweder statisch in PHP kompiliert oder dynamisch zur Laufzeit geladen wurde.

XML constants
Constant Value Description
XML_ELEMENT_NODE (integer) 1 Node is a DOMElement
XML_ATTRIBUTE_NODE (integer) 2 Node is a DOMAttr
XML_TEXT_NODE (integer) 3 Node is a DOMText
XML_CDATA_SECTION_NODE (integer) 4 Node is a DOMCharacterData
XML_ENTITY_REF_NODE (integer) 5 Node is a DOMEntityReference
XML_ENTITY_NODE (integer) 6 Node is a DOMEntity
XML_PI_NODE (integer) 7 Node is a DOMProcessingInstruction
XML_COMMENT_NODE (integer) 8 Node is a DOMComment
XML_DOCUMENT_NODE (integer) 9 Node is a DOMDocument
XML_DOCUMENT_TYPE_NODE (integer) 10 Node is a DOMDocumentType
XML_DOCUMENT_FRAG_NODE (integer) 11 Node is a DOMDocumentFragment
XML_NOTATION_NODE (integer) 12 Node is a DOMNotation
XML_DTD_NODE (integer) 14  
XML_ELEMENT_DECL_NODE (integer) 15  
XML_ENTITY_DECL_NODE (integer) 17  
XML_ATTRIBUTE_ID (integer) 2  
DOMException constants
Constant Value Description
DOM_PHP_ERR (integer) 0 Error code not part of the DOM specification. Meant for PHP errors.
DOM_INDEX_SIZE_ERR (integer) 1 If index or size is negative, or greater than the allowed value.
DOMSTRING_SIZE_ERR (integer) 2 If the specified range of text does not fit into a DOMString.
DOM_HIERARCHY_REQUEST_ERR (integer) 3 If any node is inserted somewhere it doesn't belong
DOM_WRONG_DOCUMENT_ERR (integer) 4 If a node is used in a different document than the one that created it.
DOM_INVALID_CHARACTER_ERR (integer) 5 If an invalid or illegal character is specified, such as in a name.
DOM_NO_DATA_ALLOWED_ERR (integer) 6 If data is specified for a node which does not support data.
DOM_NO_MODIFICATION_ALLOWED_ERR (integer) 7 If an attempt is made to modify an object where modifications are not allowed.
DOM_NOT_FOUND_ERR (integer) 8 If an attempt is made to reference a node in a context where it does not exist.
DOM_NOT_SUPPORTED_ERR (integer) 9 If the implementation does not support the requested type of object or operation.
DOM_INUSE_ATTRIBUTE_ERR (integer) 10 If an attempt is made to add an attribute that is already in use elsewhere.
DOM_INVALID_STATE_ERR (integer) 11 If an attempt is made to use an object that is not, or is no longer, usable.
DOM_SYNTAX_ERR (integer) 12 If an invalid or illegal string is specified.
DOM_INVALID_MODIFICATION_ERR (integer) 13 If an attempt is made to modify the type of the underlying object.
DOM_NAMESPACE_ERR (integer) 14 If an attempt is made to create or change an object in a way which is incorrect with regard to namespaces.
DOM_INVALID_ACCESS_ERR (integer) 15 If a parameter or an operation is not supported by the underlying object.
DOM_VALIDATION_ERR (integer) 16 If a call to a method such as insertBefore or removeChild would make the Node invalid with respect to "partial validity", this exception would be raised and the operation would not be done.
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