The DOMText class

(PHP 5, PHP 7, PHP 8)


The DOMText class inherits from DOMCharacterData and represents the textual content of a DOMElement or DOMAttr.


class DOMText extends DOMCharacterData {
/* Eigenschaften */
public readonly string $wholeText;
/* Geerbte Eigenschaften */
public string $data;
public readonly int $length;
public readonly string $nodeName;
public ?string $nodeValue;
public readonly int $nodeType;
public readonly ?DOMNode $parentNode;
public readonly ?DOMElement $parentElement;
public readonly DOMNodeList $childNodes;
public readonly ?DOMNode $firstChild;
public readonly ?DOMNode $lastChild;
public readonly ?DOMNode $previousSibling;
public readonly ?DOMNode $nextSibling;
public readonly ?DOMNamedNodeMap $attributes;
public readonly bool $isConnected;
public readonly ?DOMDocument $ownerDocument;
public readonly ?string $namespaceURI;
public string $prefix;
public readonly ?string $localName;
public readonly ?string $baseURI;
public string $textContent;
/* Methoden */
public __construct(string $data = "")
public splitText(int $offset): DOMText|false
/* Geerbte Methoden */
public DOMCharacterData::after(DOMNode|string ...$nodes): void
public DOMCharacterData::appendData(string $data): true
public DOMCharacterData::before(DOMNode|string ...$nodes): void
public DOMCharacterData::deleteData(int $offset, int $count): bool
public DOMCharacterData::insertData(int $offset, string $data): bool
public DOMCharacterData::replaceData(int $offset, int $count, string $data): bool
public DOMCharacterData::replaceWith(DOMNode|string ...$nodes): void
public DOMCharacterData::substringData(int $offset, int $count): string|false
public DOMNode::appendChild(DOMNode $node): DOMNode|false
public DOMNode::C14N(
    bool $exclusive = false,
    bool $withComments = false,
    ?array $xpath = null,
    ?array $nsPrefixes = null
): string|false
public DOMNode::C14NFile(
    string $uri,
    bool $exclusive = false,
    bool $withComments = false,
    ?array $xpath = null,
    ?array $nsPrefixes = null
): int|false
public DOMNode::cloneNode(bool $deep = false): DOMNode|false
public DOMNode::contains(DOMNode|DOMNameSpaceNode|null $other): bool
public DOMNode::getLineNo(): int
public DOMNode::getNodePath(): ?string
public DOMNode::getRootNode(array $options = null): DOMNode
public DOMNode::hasAttributes(): bool
public DOMNode::hasChildNodes(): bool
public DOMNode::insertBefore(DOMNode $node, ?DOMNode $child = null): DOMNode|false
public DOMNode::isDefaultNamespace(string $namespace): bool
public DOMNode::isEqualNode(?DOMNode $otherNode): bool
public DOMNode::isSameNode(DOMNode $otherNode): bool
public DOMNode::isSupported(string $feature, string $version): bool
public DOMNode::lookupNamespaceURI(?string $prefix): ?string
public DOMNode::lookupPrefix(string $namespace): ?string
public DOMNode::normalize(): void
public DOMNode::removeChild(DOMNode $child): DOMNode|false
public DOMNode::replaceChild(DOMNode $node, DOMNode $child): DOMNode|false



Holds all the text of logically-adjacent (not separated by Element, Comment or Processing Instruction) Text nodes.


Version Beschreibung
8.0.0 The unimplemented method DOMText::replaceWholeText() has been removed.


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User Contributed Notes 1 note

7 years ago
Text replacement function for DOM.

function domTextReplace( $search, $replace, DOMNode &$domNode, $isRegEx = false ) {
if (
$domNode->hasChildNodes() ) {
$children = array();
// since looping through a DOM being modified is a bad idea we prepare an array:
foreach ( $domNode->childNodes as $child ) {
$children[] = $child;
foreach (
$children as $child ) {
if (
$child->nodeType === XML_TEXT_NODE ) {
$oldText = $child->wholeText;
if (
$isRegEx ) {
$newText = preg_replace( $search, $replace, $oldText );
} else {
$newText = str_replace( $search, $replace, $oldText );
$newTextNode = $domNode->ownerDocument->createTextNode( $newText );
$domNode->replaceChild( $newTextNode, $child );
} else {
domTextReplace( $search, $replace, $child, $isRegEx );
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