(PHP 5 >= 5.2.0, PHP 7, PHP 8)

DateTimeZone::__construct -- timezone_openCreates new DateTimeZone object


Object-oriented style

public DateTimeZone::__construct(string $timezone)

Procedural style

Creates a new DateTimeZone object.

A DateTimeZone object provides access to three different types of timezone rules: UTC offset (type 1), timezone abbreviation (type 2), and timezone identifiers as published in the IANA timezone database (type 3).

The DateTimeZone object can be attached to DateTime and DateTimeImmutable objects to be able to render the timezone encapsulated by these objects in a local timezone.



One of the supported timezone names, an offset value (+0200), or a timezone abbreviation (BST).

Return Values

Returns DateTimeZone on success. Procedural style returns false on failure.


This method throws DateInvalidTimeZoneException if the timezone supplied is not recognised as a valid timezone. Prior to PHP 8.3, this was an Exception instead.


Version Description
8.3.0 Invalid values now return a DateInvalidTimeZoneException instead of a generic Exception.


Example #1 Creating and attaching DateTimeZone to a DateTimeImmutable

= new DateTimeImmutable("2022-06-02 15:44:48 UTC");

$timezones = [ 'Europe/London', 'GMT+04:45', '-06:00', 'CEST' ];

foreach (
$timezones as $tz) {
$tzo = new DateTimeZone($tz);

$local = $d->setTimezone($tzo);
$local->format(DateTimeInterface::RFC2822 . ' — e'), "\n";

The above example will output:

Thu, 02 Jun 2022 16:44:48 +0100 — Europe/London
Thu, 02 Jun 2022 20:29:48 +0445 — +04:45
Thu, 02 Jun 2022 09:44:48 -0600 — -06:00
Thu, 02 Jun 2022 17:44:48 +0200 — CEST

Example #2 Catching errors when instantiating DateTimeZone

// Error handling by catching exceptions
$timezones = array('Europe/London', 'Mars/Phobos', 'Jupiter/Europa');

foreach (
$timezones as $tz) {
try {
$mars = new DateTimeZone($tz);
} catch(
Exception $e) {
$e->getMessage() . '<br />';

The above example will output:

DateTimeZone::__construct() [datetimezone.--construct]: Unknown or bad timezone (Mars/Phobos)
DateTimeZone::__construct() [datetimezone.--construct]: Unknown or bad timezone (Jupiter/Europa)

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