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The MongoDB\BSON\Decimal128 class

(mongodb >=1.2.0)


BSON type for the » Decimal128 floating-point format, which supports numbers with up to 34 decimal digits (i.e. significant digits) and an exponent range of −6143 to +6144.

Unlike the double BSON type (i.e. float in PHP), which only stores an approximation of the decimal values, the decimal data type stores the exact value. For example, MongoDB\BSON\Decimal128('9.99') has a precise value of 9.99 where as a double 9.99 would have an approximate value of 9.9900000000000002131628….

Note: MongoDB\BSON\Decimal128 n'est compatible qu'avec MongoDB 3.4+. Si vous tentez d'utiliser le type BSON avec une ancienne version de MongoDB, une erreur sera émise.

Synopsis de la classe

final MongoDB\BSON\Decimal128 implements MongoDB\BSON\Decimal128Interface , MongoDB\BSON\Type , Serializable , JsonSerializable {
/* Méthodes */
final public __construct ([ string $value ] )
final public jsonSerialize ( void ) : mixed
final public serialize ( void ) : string
final public __toString ( void ) : string
final public unserialize ( string $serialized ) : void


Version Description
1.3.0 Implements MongoDB\BSON\Decimal128Interface.
1.2.0 Implements Serializable and JsonSerializable.


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