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The Yaf_Action_Abstract class

(Yaf >=1.0.0)


A action can be defined in a separate file in Yaf(see Yaf_Controller_Abstract). that is a action method can also be a Yaf_Action_Abstract class.

Since there should be a entry point which can be called by Yaf, you must implement the abstract method Yaf_Action_Abstract::execute() in your custom action class.

Sinopse da classe

class Yaf_Action_Abstract extends Yaf_Controller_Abstract {
/* Propriedades */
protected $_controller;
/* Métodos */
abstract publicexecute(mixed ...$args): mixed
public getControllerName(): string
/* Métodos herdados */
protected Yaf_Controller_Abstract::display(string $tpl, array $parameters = ?): bool
public Yaf_Controller_Abstract::forward(string $action, array $paramters = ?): bool
public Yaf_Controller_Abstract::getInvokeArg(string $name): void
public Yaf_Controller_Abstract::initView(array $options = ?): void
public Yaf_Controller_Abstract::redirect(string $url): bool
protected Yaf_Controller_Abstract::render(string $tpl, array $parameters = ?): string
public Yaf_Controller_Abstract::setViewpath(string $view_directory): void










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