The Yaf_View_Simple class

(Yaf >=1.0.0)


Yaf_View_Simple is the built-in template engine in Yaf, it is a simple but fast template engine, and only support PHP script template.

Resumo da classe

class Yaf_View_Simple implements Yaf_View_Interface {
/* Propriedades */
protected $_tpl_vars;
protected $_tpl_dir;
/* Métodos */
final public __construct(string $template_dir, array $options = ?)
public assign(string $name, mixed $value = ?): bool
public assignRef(string $name, mixed &$value): bool
public clear(string $name = ?): bool
public display(string $tpl, array $tpl_vars = ?): bool
public eval(string $tpl_content, array $tpl_vars = ?): string
public __get(string $name = ?): void
public __isset(string $name): void
public render(string $tpl, array $tpl_vars = ?): string
public __set(string $name, mixed $value): void
public setScriptPath(string $template_dir): bool





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