(PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7, PHP 8)

posix_getcwdPathname of current directory


posix_getcwd ( ) : string|false

Gets the absolute pathname of the script's current working directory. On error, it sets errno which can be checked using posix_get_last_error()

Valor Retornado

Returns a string of the absolute pathname on success. On error, returns false and sets errno which can be checked with posix_get_last_error().


Exemplo #1 posix_getcwd() example

This example will return the absolute path of the current working directory of the script.

echo 'My current working directory is '.posix_getcwd();



This function can fail on

  • Read or Search permission was denied
  • Pathname no longer exists

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phpmanual-getcwd at devin dot com
20 years ago
From the GNU getcwd(3) manpage, paraphrased: returns the absolute pathname of the current working directory.  Fails when the current directory is not eradable.  Complies with POSIX.1 spec.
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