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posix_getrlimitReturn info about system resource limits


posix_getrlimit(): array|false

posix_getrlimit() returns an array of information about the current resource's soft and hard limits.

Cada recurso está associado a um soft limit e um hard limit. O soft limit é o limite que o kernel restringe do recurso. O hard limit funciona com um teto máximo para o limite soft. Qualquer processo sem privilégios só pode pode configurar o soft limit entre zero e o hard limit, e irreversivelmente abaixo que o hard limit.


Esta função não possui parâmetros.

Valor Retornado

Returns an associative array of elements for each limit that is defined. Each limit has a soft and a hard limit.

List of possible limits returned
Limit name Limit description
core The maximum size of the core file. When 0, not core files are created. When core files are larger than this size, they will be truncated at this size.
totalmem The maximum size of the memory of the process, in bytes.
virtualmem The maximum size of the virtual memory for the process, in bytes.
data The maximum size of the data segment for the process, in bytes.
stack The maximum size of the process stack, in bytes.
rss The maximum number of virtual pages resident in RAM
maxproc The maximum number of processes that can be created for the real user ID of the calling process.
memlock The maximum number of bytes of memory that may be locked into RAM.
cpu The amount of time the process is allowed to use the CPU.
filesize The maximum size of the data segment for the process, in bytes.
openfiles One more than the maximum number of open file descriptors.
The function returns false on failure.


Exemplo #1 Example use of posix_getrlimit()


= posix_getrlimit();


O exemplo acima produzirá algo semelhante a:

    [soft core] => 0
    [hard core] => unlimited
    [soft data] => unlimited
    [hard data] => unlimited
    [soft stack] => 8388608
    [hard stack] => unlimited
    [soft totalmem] => unlimited
    [hard totalmem] => unlimited
    [soft rss] => unlimited
    [hard rss] => unlimited
    [soft maxproc] => unlimited
    [hard maxproc] => unlimited
    [soft memlock] => unlimited
    [hard memlock] => unlimited
    [soft cpu] => unlimited
    [hard cpu] => unlimited
    [soft filesize] => unlimited
    [hard filesize] => unlimited
    [soft openfiles] => 1024
    [hard openfiles] => 1024

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User Contributed Notes 1 note

petert at tebault dot org
22 years ago
The array returned (on a RH6.2 box) is:
     soft core = 0
     hard core = unlimited
     soft data = unlimited
     hard data = unlimited
     soft stack = 8388608
     hard stack = unlimited
     soft totalmem = unlimited
     hard totalmem = unlimited
     soft rss = unlimited
     hard rss = unlimited
     soft maxproc = 2048
     hard maxproc = 2048
     soft memlock = unlimited
     hard memlock = unlimited
     soft cpu = unlimited
     hard cpu = unlimited
     soft filesize = unlimited
     hard filesize = unlimited
     soft openfiles = 1024
     hard openfiles = 1024
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