IBM Functions (PDO_IBM)


PDO_IBM is a driver that implements the PHP Data Objects (PDO) interface to enable access from PHP to IBM databases.


To build the PDO_IBM extension, the DB2 Client v9.1 or later must be installed on the same system as PHP. The DB2 Client can be downloaded from the IBM » Application Development Site.

Nota: Note

The DB2 Client v9.1 or later supports direct access to DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows v8 and v9.1 servers.

The DB2 Client v9.1 also supports access to DB2 UDB for i5 and DB2 UDB for z/OS servers using the separately purchased » DB2 Connect product.

PDO_IBM is a » PECL extension, so follow the instructions in Instalação das extensões PECL to install the PDO_IBM extension. Issue the configure command to point to the location of the DB2 Client header files and libraries as follows:

bash$ ./configure --with-pdo-ibm=/path/to/sqllib[,shared]
The configure command defaults to the value of the DB2DIR environment variable.


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jwoehr at softwoehr dot com
1 year ago
Connecting to IBM i (called "i5" above in the article) Db2 is usually simpler using PDO_ODBC with the IBM i ODBC driver for IBM i itself, Windows, Linux, or Mac, all free to download ... see
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