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(PECL rnp >= 0.1.1)

rnp_op_encryptEncrypt message


    RnpFFI $ffi,
    string $message,
    array $recipient_keys_fp,
    array $options = ?
): string|false

Bağımsız Değişkenler


rnp_ffi_create tarafından döndürülen FFI nesnesi.


Message to be encrypted.


Array with fingerprints of recipient's keys. At least one key must be present.


An associative array with options.

Key Data type Açıklama
"compression_alg" string Compression algorithm. Both "compression_alg" and "compression_level" must be set in order to enable data compression.
"compression_level" integer Compression level, 0-9. 0 disables compression.
"armor" boolean Enable ASCII-armored output. Disabled by default.
"add_signature" boolean Encrypted message will be also signed.
"hash" string Set hash algorithm used during signature calculation. "add_signature" option should be set to true
"creation_time" integer Set signature creation time in seconds since Jan, 1 1970 UTC. By default current time is used.
"expiration_time" integer Set signature expiration time in seconds since the creation time. 0 value is used to mark signature as non-expiring (default value).
"password" string Add password which is used to encrypt data.
"cipher" string Set symmetric encryption algorithm. Possible values are "IDEA", "TRIPLEDES", "CAST5", "BLOWFISH", "AES128", "AES192", "AES256", "TWOFISH", "CAMELLIA128", "CAMELLIA192", "CAMELLIA256", "SM4".
"aead" string Set AEAD mode algorithm. Possible values are "None" to disable AEAD, "EAX", "OCB".
"aead_bits" integer Set chunk length for AEAD mode via number of chunk size bits. Must be between 0 to 56.
"flags" integer Set additional encryption flags. Supported flags: RNP_ENCRYPT_NOWRAP - do not wrap the data in a literal data packet. This would allow to encrypt already signed data.
"file_name" string Set the internally stored file name for the data being encrypted. Special value _CONSOLE may be used to mark message as 'for your eyes only', i.e. it should not be stored anywhere but only displayed to the receiver. Default is the empty string.
"file_mtime" integer Set input file modification date in seconds since Jan, 1 1970 UTC.

Dönen Değerler

Encrypted data on success başarısızlık durumunda false döner.

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