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Collection class

(PECL mysql-xdevapi >= 8.0.11)


Class synopsis

class mysql_xdevapi\Collection implements mysql_xdevapi\SchemaObject {
/* Properties */
public $name;
/* Methods */
public add(mixed $document): mysql_xdevapi\CollectionAdd
public addOrReplaceOne(string $id, string $doc): mysql_xdevapi\Result
public count(): int
public createIndex(string $index_name, string $index_desc_json): void
public dropIndex(string $index_name): bool
public existsInDatabase(): bool
public find(string $search_condition = ?): mysql_xdevapi\CollectionFind
public getName(): string
public getOne(string $id): Document
public getSchema(): Schema Object
public getSession(): Session
public modify(string $search_condition): mysql_xdevapi\CollectionModify
public remove(string $search_condition): mysql_xdevapi\CollectionRemove
public removeOne(string $id): mysql_xdevapi\Result
public replaceOne(string $id, string $doc): mysql_xdevapi\Result



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