PHP 8.1.28 Released!

Session class

(PECL mysql-xdevapi >= 8.0.11)


Class synopsis

class mysql_xdevapi\Session {
/* Methods */
public close(): bool
public commit(): Object
public createSchema(string $schema_name): mysql_xdevapi\Schema
public dropSchema(string $schema_name): bool
public generateUUID(): string
public getDefaultSchema(): string
public getSchema(string $schema_name): mysql_xdevapi\Schema
public getSchemas(): array
public getServerVersion(): int
public listClients(): array
public quoteName(string $name): string
public releaseSavepoint(string $name): void
public rollback(): void
public rollbackTo(string $name): void
public setSavepoint(string $name = ?): string
public startTransaction(): void

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