The QuickHashIntStringHash class

(PECL quickhash >= Unknown)


This class wraps around a hash containing integer numbers, where the values are strings. Hashes are also available as implementation of the ArrayAccess interface.

Hashes can also be iterated over with foreach as the Iterator interface is implemented as well. The order of which elements are returned in is not guaranteed.

Class synopsis

class QuickHashIntStringHash {
/* Constants */
const int CHECK_FOR_DUPES = 1;
const int HASHER_NO_HASH = 256;
const int HASHER_JENKINS1 = 512;
const int HASHER_JENKINS2 = 1024;
/* Methods */
public add(int $key, string $value): bool
public __construct(int $size, int $options = 0)
public delete(int $key): bool
public exists(int $key): bool
public get(int $key): mixed
public getSize(): int
public static loadFromFile(string $filename, int $size = 0, int $options = 0): QuickHashIntStringHash
public static loadFromString(string $contents, int $size = 0, int $options = 0): QuickHashIntStringHash
public saveToFile(string $filename): void
public set(int $key, string $value): int
public update(int $key, string $value): bool

Predefined Constants


If enabled, adding duplicate elements to a set (through either QuickHashIntStringHash::add() or QuickHashIntStringHash::loadFromFile()) will result in those elements to be dropped from the set. This will take up extra time, so only used when it is required.


Disables the use of PHP's internal memory manager for internal set structures. With this option enabled, internal allocations will not count towards the memory_limit settings.


Selects to not use a hashing function, but merely use a modulo to find the bucket list index. This is not faster than normal hashing, and gives more collisions.


This is the default hashing function to turn the integer hashes into bucket list indexes.


Selects a variant hashing algorithm.

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