(PHP 4 >= 4.0.2, PHP 5, PHP 7)

curl_versionGets cURL version information


curl_version ([ int $age = CURLVERSION_NOW ] ) : array

Returns information about the cURL version.



Return Values

Returns an associative array with the following elements:

Indice Value description
version_number cURL 24 bit version number
version cURL version number, as a string
ssl_version_number OpenSSL 24 bit version number
ssl_version OpenSSL version number, as a string
libz_version zlib version number, as a string
host Information about the host where cURL was built
features A bitmask of the CURL_VERSION_XXX constants
protocols An array of protocols names supported by cURL


Example #1 curl_version() example

This example will check which features that's available in cURL build by using the 'features' bitmask returned by curl_version().

// Get curl version array
$version curl_version();

// These are the bitfields that can be used 
// to check for features in the curl build
$bitfields = Array(

$bitfields as $feature)
$feature . ($version['features'] & constant($feature) ? ' matches' ' does not match');

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User Contributed Notes 1 note

nimasdj [AT] yahoo [DOT] com
3 years ago
If you want to check if your curl supports ssl, it is not good idea to go with curl_version()['ssl_version'],
if (stripos(curl_version()['ssl_version'], "openssl") !== false) {
as curl says here it may use other ssl library than OpenSSL (which does not have anything to do with that separated openssl extension, curl has its own openssl library) so as described here it is better to go with CURL_VERSION_SSL bitmask check rather than curl_version()['ssl_version']. Note that not all of those constants stated on official cURL website are available in php, but only these four constants:


I tested this on Windows by disabling "openssl" extension in php.ini and noticed curl has nothing to do with that separated openssl extension but it has its own openssl, in other word, disabling openssl extension does not affect on curl_version()['ssl_version']. So if you want to check if curl has support for ssl, you should not rely on existence of that separated openssl extension and above I explained you should not rely on curl_version()['ssl_version'] neither. The only reliable way is CURL_VERSION_SSL bitmask checking:
if (!curl_version()['features'] & CURL_VERSION_SSL) {
"SSL is not supported with this cURL installation.";
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