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(PECL ds >= 1.0.0)

Ds\Vector::rotateRotates the vector by a given number of rotations


public Ds\Vector::rotate(int $rotations): void

Rotates the vector by a given number of rotations, which is equivalent to successively calling $vector->push($vector->shift()) if the number of rotations is positive, or $vector->unshift($vector->pop()) if negative.

Liste de paramètres


The number of times the vector should be rotated.

Valeurs de retour

Aucune valeur n'est retournée.. The vector of the current instance will be rotated.


Exemple #1 Ds\Vector::rotate() example

= new \Ds\Vector(["a""b""c""d"]);

$vector->rotate(1);  // "a" is shifted, then pushed.

$vector->rotate(2);  // "b" and "c" are both shifted, the pushed.

Résultat de l'exemple ci-dessus est similaire à :

    [0] => b
    [1] => c
    [2] => d
    [3] => a
Ds\Vector Object
    [0] => d
    [1] => a
    [2] => b
    [3] => c
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