(PECL ps >= 1.1.0)

ps_open_fileOpens a file for output


ps_open_file(resource $psdoc, string $filename = ?): bool

Creates a new file on disk and writes the PostScript document into it. The file will be closed when ps_close() is called.



Resource identifier of the postscript file as returned by ps_new().


The name of the postscript file. If filename is not passed the document will be created in memory and all output will go straight to the browser.

Valor Retornado

Retorna true em caso de sucesso ou false em caso de falha.

Veja Também

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php at catchall dot toao dot net
15 years ago
Today, I used this function and did not specify a path to the file name. The file was created in C:\Program Files\Apache2.2 instead of the current working directory. When using this function, be sure to specify the full path to the file that should be created.
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