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The MongoDB\Driver\WriteConcern class

(mongodb >=1.0.0)


MongoDB\Driver\WriteConcern describes the level of acknowledgement requested from MongoDB for write operations to a standalone mongod or to replica sets or to sharded clusters. In sharded clusters, mongos instances will pass the write concern on to the shards.

Sınıf Sözdizimi

final MongoDB\Driver\WriteConcern implements MongoDB\BSON\Serializable , Serializable {
/* Constants */
const string MAJORITY = "majority" ;
/* Yöntemler */
final public bsonSerialize ( void ) : object
final public __construct ( string|integer $w [, int $wtimeout [, bool $journal ]] )
final public getJournal ( void ) : boolean|null
final public getW ( void ) : string|integer|null
final public getWtimeout ( void ) : int|MongoDB\BSON\Int64
final public isDefault ( void ) : bool
final public serialize ( void ) : string
final public unserialize ( string $serialized ) : void

Öntanımlı Sabitler


Majority of all the members in the set; arbiters, non-voting members, passive members, hidden members and delayed members are all included in the definition of majority write concern.

Sürüm Bilgisi

Sürüm: Açıklama
1.7.0 Implements Serializable.
1.2.0 Implements MongoDB\BSON\Serializable.


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