The SolrInputDocument class

(PECL solr >= 0.9.2)


This class represents a Solr document that is about to be submitted to the Solr index.

Sınıf Sözdizimi

final class SolrInputDocument {
/* Sabitler */
const int SORT_DEFAULT = 1;
const int SORT_ASC = 1;
const int SORT_DESC = 2;
const int SORT_FIELD_NAME = 1;
/* Yöntemler */
public __construct()
public addChildDocuments(array &$docs): void
public addField(string $fieldName, string $fieldValue, float $fieldBoostValue = 0.0): bool
public clear(): bool
public __clone(): void
public deleteField(string $fieldName): bool
public fieldExists(string $fieldName): bool
public getBoost(): float
public getField(string $fieldName): SolrDocumentField
public getFieldBoost(string $fieldName): float
public merge(SolrInputDocument $sourceDoc, bool $overwrite = true): bool
public reset(): bool
public setBoost(float $documentBoostValue): bool
public setFieldBoost(string $fieldName, float $fieldBoostValue): bool
public sort(int $sortOrderBy, int $sortDirection = SolrInputDocument::SORT_ASC): bool
public toArray(): array
public __destruct()

Öntanımlı Sabitler

SolrInputDocument Class Constants


Sorts the fields in ascending order.


Sorts the fields in ascending order.


Sorts the fields in descending order.


Sorts the fields by name


Sorts the fields by number of values.


Sorts the fields by boost value.


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