(PHP 5 >= 5.5.0, PHP 7, PHP 8)



curl_pause(CurlHandle $handle, int $flags): int

暂停或取消暂停 cURL 会话。 一个会话可以在传输过程中、在读、写或两个方向的传输过程中暂停,通过从使用 curl_setopt() 注册的回调函数中调用此函数来实现。



curl_init() 返回的 cURL 句柄。




返回一个错误代码 (如果没有错误则返回 CURLE_OK 常量)。


版本 说明
8.0.0 handle 现在接受 CurlHandle 实例;之前接受 resource
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Alex Autrey
10 years ago

Using this function, you can explicitly mark a running connection to get paused, and you can unpause a connection that was previously paused.

A connection can be paused by using this function or by letting the read or the write callbacks return the proper magic return code (CURL_READFUNC_PAUSE and CURL_WRITEFUNC_PAUSE). A write callback that returns pause signals to the library that it couldn't take care of any data at all, and that data will then be delivered again to the callback when the writing is later unpaused.

NOTE: while it may feel tempting, take care and notice that you cannot call this function from another thread.

When this function is called to unpause reading, the chance is high that you will get your write callback called before this function returns.

The handle argument is of course identifying the handle that operates on the connection you want to pause or unpause.

The bitmask argument is a set of bits that sets the new state of the connection. The following bits can be used:
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