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(PHP 5 >= 5.3.0, PHP 7, PHP 8, PECL phar >= 2.0.0)

Phar::compressCompresses the entire Phar archive using Gzip or Bzip2 compression


public Phar::compress(int $compression, ?string $extension = null): ?Phar


此方法需要 将 php.ini 中的 phar.readonly 设为 0 以适合 Phar 对象. 否则, 将抛出PharException.

For tar-based and phar-based phar archives, this method compresses the entire archive using gzip compression or bzip2 compression. The resulting file can be processed with the gunzip command/bunzip command, or accessed directly and transparently with the Phar extension.

For Zip-based phar archives, this method fails with an exception. The zlib extension must be enabled to compress with gzip compression, the bzip2 extension must be enabled in order to compress with bzip2 compression. As with all functionality that modifies the contents of a phar, the phar.readonly INI variable must be off in order to succeed.

In addition, this method automatically renames the archive, appending .gz, .bz2 or removing the extension if passed Phar::NONE to remove compression. Alternatively, a file extension may be specified with the second parameter.



Compression must be one of Phar::GZ, Phar::BZ2 to add compression, or Phar::NONE to remove compression.


By default, the extension is .phar.gz or .phar.bz2 for compressing phar archives, and .phar.tar.gz or .phar.tar.bz2 for compressing tar archives. For decompressing, the default file extensions are .phar and .phar.tar.


Returns a Phar object, or null on failure.


Throws BadMethodCallException if the phar.readonly INI variable is on, the zlib extension is not available, or the bzip2 extension is not enabled.


版本 说明
8.0.0 extension is now nullable.


示例 #1 A Phar::compress() example

= new Phar('/path/to/my.phar', 0, 'my.phar');
$p['myfile.txt'] = 'hi';
$p['myfile2.txt'] = 'hi';
$p1 = $p->compress(Phar::GZ); // copies to /path/to/my.phar.gz
$p2 = $p->compress(Phar::BZ2); // copies to /path/to/my.phar.bz2
$p3 = $p2->compress(Phar::NONE); // exception: /path/to/my.phar already exists


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User Contributed Notes 1 note

mike at eyesis dot ca
13 years ago
For those who want the benefit of having a small compressed PHAR archive but don’t want to suffer the performance loss, use php_strip_whitespace when adding files to the archive. If your code has plenty of whitespace, docbocks, and single-line comments this function can greatly decrease archive size without the performance loss.

= 'application';
$oPhar = new Phar ('app.phar');

$oDir = new RecursiveIteratorIterator (new RecursiveDirectoryIterator ($sDir), RecursiveIteratorIterator::SELF_FIRST);

foreach (
$oDir as $sFile) {
if (
preg_match ('/\\.php$/i', $sFile) ) {
$oPhar->addFromString (substr ($sFile, strlen ($sDir) + 1), php_strip_whitespace ($sFile));
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